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Welcome to Suburban Ranching

This informative blog is geared toward a growing community of people that are new to the farm life, coming back after several years away, or those looking for ways to balance a full time job and raising some cattle on the side. 

My name is Zane Mai, owner with my wife Traci of ZNT Cattle Co.  I started raising cattle when I was 10 years old through 4-H, then later FFA.  Even growing up, I learned early about balancing full time jobs with taking care of cattle and the farm.  Both of my parents worked full time jobs as we grew from raising a couple of calves for beef to purchasing a few cows to start producing our own calves, then eventually having over 100 momma cow and producing our own hay and corn. 

The information I am presenting you was acquired over decades of hands on learning, part time jobs working with veterinarians, and formal education as an Animal Science major at the University of Nebraska.  My specialization there in Lincoln was Beed Production and Reproduction.

In our operation at ZNT Cattle Co, we raise a handful of registered breeding cattle, and we provide a multitude of cattle services.  The biggest portion of our services is artificially inseminating cattle, mostly for families that have 2-10 head of cows, and many are new to raising cattle.  The multitude of questions that I receive weekly is what inspired us to make this blog and answer these questions. 

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